Test Bench

Customer-specified diagnostic tool

VVC and CVC Convertors

Voltage and current convertors


Graph visualization of recorded data

Turnkey customer electronics

Measuring and testing analog card

MUX board

Customer-designed multiplexer


Increasing complexity and the constantly escalating level of automation in a wide variety of systems demand future-oriented technologies to monitor and control processes effectively. HMI and SCADA systems contribute significantly in this regard and guarantee maximum security. Moreover, future applications must be able to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility; even connecting to fixed operator control stations in the age of mobile terminals is a thing of the past...

Atvise SCADA

The development of atvise® scada is based on newest technologies: the visualization in pure web technology moves the webbrowser - without being limited by ad-ons or plug-ins such as ActiveX, Java or Silverlight - into the world of automation. The implementation of valid industrial standards (OPC UA) allows you to reduce the efforts of your engineering, in particular the parameterization of plants and processes, to a minimum. Independently atvise® scada supports all typical SCADA functions like...

M1 webMI pro

For the operation and monitoring of machines and systems, usually dedicated MMI devices are required and the software for this purpose must be installed and allocated. Thanks to the M1 webMI pro, this is no longer necessary; here, the visualization is integrated directly on the controller. As a result, each authorized device using a current browser becomes the HMI - always and everywhere...